“Sughosh” is the name of a conch which was voiced by Nakul, forth brother among the five Pandavas declaring beginning of Mahabharat war as revealed in Shrimad Bhagavadgeeta (Chapter-I, Shloka – 15). Inspired with the Geeta, we have adopted the name of the conch for our site.

This site became operational on Vijayadashmi, Thursday, Ashvin Shukla 10th, Samvat 2068 (6th October, 2011)

We aim to provide state of the art articles and useful information on various subjects having impact on day to day life and to raise social issues based on facts and figures with critical analysis basically in Hindi . However, we will not hesitate to use English where necessary.

Science and technology is progressing so fast that we find new developments and alternatives within a short period and therefore if we do not have updated information about these developments, it becomes very difficult to have useful discussions even on ordinary issues. We can lag behind in our skills and efficiency or we can adopt outdated concepts if we are not aware of the latest developments in the world. We can also take wrong decisions which may prove as waste of time or money or both and it may be very costly or time consuming to rectify the same. We aim to meet this need to the possible extent.

As this site is operated from Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, a special section on issues related with Udaipur city and a special section related with Rajasthan State has been created for providing balanced comments and alternatives for development
projects and ongoing issues.

COPYRIGHTS OF THE CONTENTS ON THIS SITE ARE RESERVED. Viewers are requested not to copy the contents by any means and in any form either in part or in full without prior permission of the Site Manager.

This site is managed by Gyan Prakash Soni, a post graduate in Engineering from I.I.T., Roorkee (the then University of Roorkee) with ‘Water Use management’ as the subject of specialization. He may be contacted through E-mail at admin@ sughosh.com

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