Maintain a Home Office

As we grow, the activities like telephone, mobile and gas connections, insurance and mediclaim policies, driving license, lease/purchase of flat or other property, medical check ups, school/college admissions of kids, obtaining and renewal of passport, opening of savings and dmat accounts, shares and bonds, income tax returns etc. continue to increase. For all such activities, we have to initially apply in a set form, deposit some money, obtain the documents and then file or receive periodic statements or returns. In many cases, the original receipts of deposits are required when the facility is to be discontinued. Similarly, the conditions mentioned in the original documents are of importance when there is some dispute. In many cases, lack of well planned documentation results in financial or service loss.

It is therefore very necessary that we keep our documents related to our activities in an organized way and keep copies of all basic record with us for future reference as and when needed.

My experience is this that maintaining a small home office and filing all related papers subject or activity wise is very useful in watching our interests. In case of any unfortunate event, such well organized record will also help the onlookers to continue the facilities or to claim the dues.

– Gyan Prakash Soni

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  1. kirit solanki says:

    nice but pl.give tips to maintain home office properly particularly 4 housewives n childern.

  2. Great post, you have pointed out some fantastic points, I also conceive this is a very wonderful website.

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